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Our mission

Manx BirdLife is a wildlife conservation charity based on the Isle of Man working to protect the island’s wild birds and the habitats on which they depend.


Founded in 1997 under the name ‘Manx Bird Atlas’, the charity changed to its present name in 2008. Through strong partnerships with the Manx Ornithological Society (MOS), Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT), the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the Isle of Man Government and others, we use scientific research, best practice conservation, education and advocacy to achieve our goals.

Birds are such a vibrant presence in our countryside and a vital contributor to the world’s ecosystems. Yet everywhere, birds are in decline. Manx BirdLife is working to sustain the abundance and diversity of wild birds on the Isle of Man through:
• Surveys and censuses: Monitoring the diversity and abundance of bird populations, especially breeding populations and productivity.
• Conservation projects: Working with partners and landowners to develop action plans that deliver significant, sustainable benefits for species of concern.
• Citizen science: Asking the island’s residents and visitors to record their observations and inviting participation in regular programmes such as the Isle of Man Garden Birdwatch.
• Consultations: Advising private, commercial and government parties on the environmental impact of building and other developments on the island.
• Giving a voice to wild birds: Engaging with decision-makers and influencers in the public and private sector to promote the value and interests of wild birds and their habitats.
• Publications: The seminal Manx Bird Atlas (Ed.1) documents the distribution of breeding and wintering birds during 1998-2003. Since 2006, we have been compiling data for the second, comparative edition.


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