Sports Driving Unlimited

Sports Driving Unlimited

Children, Disability, Health & Wellbeing, Mental Health, Sport & Fitness

Our mission

To provide opportunities for people of all ages who have a disability, mental/behavioural difficulties or terminal illness to enjoy the therapeutic benefits, fun and excitement of participation in sports pony driving.


SDU is a small charity based near Lockerbie in south west Scotland. The 6 trustees are committed to providing expert training in the sport of carriage driving to disabled people of all ages. Carriage driving is the perfect activity for many with mental health and behaviour difficulty, requiring physical involvement as well as concentration, co-ordination and discipline. Those with limited physical ability enjoy opportunities for exercise and movement in the open air and potentially the exhilaration of moving at high speed in safety. We have specially designed carriages that take a wheelchair and our drivers are encouraged to compete in open competition against able bodied drivers, often beating them. We believe our approach is unique, blending the exhilaration and excitement of pony carriage driving with development of personal confidence, core strength and self esteem.

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Registered charity nr: SC038870